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The Great Bust Ahead is a concise, straight to the point book laying out in stark terms the case for a coming depression of historically unprecedented magnitude. It will be much worse than the 1930s, beginning perhaps as early as 2009-2010, and lasting up to thirteen years. Centered on hard fact demographics, the book boldly claims that the data presented are so irrefutable, that the outcome predicted by the book is equally as irrefutable. The compelling proof presented accurately accounts for the detailed trend of the economy from 1920 to today (something never before accomplished), and projects out to 2030 in detail. The book is very easy to read and understand, and requires no prior knowledge of economics. Down to earth things the average person can do to prepare for what is coming are covered. Baby boomers are especially warned. A summary of the catastrophic domestic social and international consequences is offered.


Well, did the huge economic decline predicted by my 2002 book to begin in 2013 happen? I’ll let you decide based on the following facts that existed at the end of 2013:

  • At 63% we now have the lowest labor force participation rate in over 35 years (the unemployment rate of 6% to 7% is meaningless as it ignores those millions who have given up looking for work – when these are included the real unemployment is around 12% – this is what the man/woman in the street is experiencing).

  • A record high of around 50 million are on food stamps.

  • Our national debt at close to $18 Trillion is the highest ever and climbing.

  • We now have over $120 Trillion in unfunded liabilities (government entitlement programs).

  • Student loan debt has now reached an unprecedented $1 Trillion+. Jobs are hard to come by and studies have shown that as many as 40% of those who have found jobs are underemployed in jobs that do not require a degree. 

  • Cities declaring bankruptcy.

  • A government that is printing money out of thin air to the tune of 1 Trillion dollars per year to artificially (and temporarily) re-inflate the stock market and real estate bubbles – with great success! And so the rich get richer while the poor get poorer!

  • And, as a bonus at the very worst time possible, the government has burdened us with the estimated 1 Trillion dollar debt of Obamacare, plus the coming insurance company bailouts which will be in the hundreds of Billions of dollars – all of which those taxpayers left working must pay for.

So, to any sane person it is clear that we are living on borrowed time. To put off the pain of letting the economy cave years ago and then heal itself through the natural processes of a free economy, the government has kicked the can down the road over and over and over by choosing to spend and spend and spend using borrowed and printed money we don’t have. History shows that a nation can never spend its way out of a recession or depression. All this does is create massive debt. And that is where we now are - and it is getting worse by the day. 

We are/have been in a massive financial experiment of unprecedented magnitude that has never been tried before. It has clearly failed and the cliff is coming. The only question is what year will it be – 2014? 2015? ? The odds are it will be 2014. The adage “As goes January so goes the year” has an 89% correct track record over the last 60 years. The DJIA in January was down over 5%.

This will be my last update. The inevitable and unchangeable declining 45-54 demographic is now in play 2013 until 2025 as per the chart and we are “bubbled” (again!) and bankrupt as a nation as shown above. It is now only a question of time before we implode financially. My sincere best wishes to you all in whatever it is you are doing or decide to do to survive what is coming.

Dan Arnold

About the Author

Dan Arnold was a manager and then consultant with General Electric for fifteen years. He started and ran a successful manufacturing company in Santa Clara County California for ten years. After being bought out by a larger company Dan focused on investment and understanding the economy's long term trends. This work lead directly to his shocking book The Great Bust Ahead.

Excerpted from The Great Bust Ahead - The Greatest Depression
in American and UK History is Just Several Short Years Away 


The entire purpose of this book is to warn and help prepare the average person, family, business and institution for the greatest economic event of our lives that is now steadily closing in on us. It is a once in a lifetime event, so there is little national memory that such an event is possible. It is the economic one hundred year flood. We are now just several years away from the greatest depression in American history. It will be several times greater than the 1930s. No maybe or perhaps. It is as unavoidable as it is certain. 

The catastrophic events forecast with such clarity and certainty in the pages that follow are derived almost entirely from data that is in publicly available government files ranging from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to the CIA and the INS. Anyone with the very extensive time required, the inclination and good computer database skills can establish for themselves the veracity of everything presented in this book. The ideas and data presented are simple to understand. No degree in economics is needed here. The underlying concepts that lead methodically and relentlessly to the shocking results are so compelling that they are, to all intents and purposes, unchallengeable. If this seems an outrageous claim, you won’t think so by the end of this brief and to the point book. 

You will be shown that the fundamental trend of the economy has almost nothing whatever to do with what you hear about all the time, such as interest rates, inflation, budget deficits, the dollar or who is in the White House or who controls Congress. Perhaps you have noticed the latter. A much, much more powerful, unstoppable force is the real trendsetter, and it is really so simple to understand. Every major economic event since 1920 will be easily and convincingly accounted for. It will seem so obvious once you’ve understood it, that what is forecast for the coming years will appear to be all but cast in stone . . . and in fact it is.

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Ideas, opinions and projections found on this website and in The Great Bust Ahead are strictly those of author Dan Arnold. To allow for the circumstances of individuals, which can vary greatly, they should not be acted upon without consulting an advisor qualified to advise in financial matters.

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